About the Time Trials

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About the Time Trials

Post  Gel38 on Mon May 12, 2014 5:22 pm

FTCC Time Trials:

Get a car and go! Any one of the 51 FTCC cars (soon to be updated to 51) are available to run in the race against time on official FTCC Tracks.

All FTCC Rules apply regarding car restrictions [Paint is not needed for Time Trials]

Other notes:

Honesty is the policy here. Please be honest with your times.

When posting your time on a specific track include:

Name of Track
Time in the format of 00:00.000
Name of car (Including build year)
Your Xbox Live name.
Car Horsepower
Car PI

We also ask that you post a replay of it on your storefront labeled "FTCC Best Lap" (or FTCC BL), or include a video link with your post.

Please only post your time if you have indeed broken the previous record. This makes it easier for each post to be updated with the best time.

All tracks will be categorized in the format in which Forza categorizes the tracks. (I.E. - Tsukuba (all layouts) Road Atlanta (All layouts), Camino Viejo (All layouts), etc...)
A Reverse track will be signified by an "R" after the name of the layout.


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