psce r32 test LAP TIMES

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psce r32 test LAP TIMES

Post  Alex98sc10-PSCE on Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:59 pm

here i will post a handful of lap times for my r32, i will update this list ever time i continue testing and achieve a higher PB on track.
so here is the list-
leguna seca- 1:39.045
suzuka east- 0:56.098 increased downforce helps!
iberian mini- 0:34.296 max downforce, car feels sticky but does not have enough power for last-corner-blasts
iberian full- 0:58.975 real pushy in first corner. hoping this track is not on the season lineup
camino viejo full- 1:12.775 feels down on power, but smoot. when things went wrong, it was never pretty...
camino extreme- 3:00.863 balanced smooth and fast! hooks up and transitions perfectly
infineon nascar- 1:23.533 not quite turning as well as i want it to, but it grips better then usual
infineon indy- 1:46.301 again very good, driveable room for improvement
maple full - later the testing continues

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