PSCE tuning-r32-suzuka east(?)

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PSCE tuning-r32-suzuka east(?)

Post  Alex98sc10-PSCE on Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:01 am

last night me, gel and mazda ran a series of races, to see how the cars and drivers stack up. through this i realised my r32 needed major work on suzuka. i ran some test laps in stock setup form, and i was running 58 second laps time after time. the car was twitchy and really did not like being pushed, by me or another car.

so, it hit the setup block. the plus to the new setup: easier to drive, and will run high 55 second laps when i hit all my marks.

how did i do it? well lets take a look!

tire oressures: front 30.5, rear 33.5
gearing: final drive- 3.30
camber- front -2.1, rear -.9
toe- front .2, rear -.4
anti roll bars: front 2890, rear 2420
springs: stiffness unchanged, ride height 8.1 front/rear
damping unchanged
aero 79 front, 142 rear
bias 40%
pressure 100%
diffs. front unchanged.
rear accel 80%, decel 75%
center torque 60%

hope this helps some of you AWD runners!

edit- on record, i will be updating this post, with my tune setups for all tracks that we are scheduled to compete on.

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Re: PSCE tuning-r32-suzuka east(?)

Post  Alex98sc10-PSCE on Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:13 pm

this post will be general comments on how the built but un-tuned cars feel.

the '92 supra needs help. push oversteer, but snappy, the car reacts poorly to counter steer. mught be a top lap time contender, but hard to drive on the limit.

the '03 350z feels real good. not my fastest car, but not far off, maybe a half second off the pace. easy to drive, but likes to be sliding a bit. if you want a car to be fastest with no tire smoke or sideaahs action, this is not your car. you need to be able to hold a very slight drift, to get the most out of it.

s15 sivlia is very solid aswell, drives simular to the 350 just a lighter feel. very quick, easily keeps pace with my r32.... before i tuned it up. good car all round, i would hate to get in a battle with one on track, as i would likely loose.

the '94 fairlady Z is the best car and fastest i have tested thus far. the first lap was terrible, but all the rest were smooth, fast, consitant. ran the fastest laps thus far. extremely under rated!

the s14 (silvia K's) is a decent car, but not user friendly enough for my taste. suits a late-apex driving stile by my hand, and that is it. a little squirely, dont brake/steer at the same time too much, nor throttle/steer. very twitchy if you arent smooth with steering input!

the 240sx se (hatch) is good imho. smooth, easy drive. will win on consitancy. BUT not on pace. too slow for my taste, but very forgiving, so you can push it to its limits the whole race long

'05 subaru legacy. champ contender. nuetral steer feel. pulls put of the corner extremely well. very much feels like my r32. not as good, but very much the same. you can brake late aswell, car starts nosing in under braking, rather then getting push understeer. weight transfer is smooth and controlled, allowing for hard cornering. fastest time on suzuka west so far is a 56.9 untuned. rivalling my pre-tune volvo.

the best way to follow a great awd car is a great fwd car. this comes as a huge surprise, and at 56.8 seconds, its lap time is the fastest thus far. again. the mitsubishi eclipse, fwd built in 2003. extremely smooth, drives like an awd, just lighter. no fear under braking, and the steering reaction on this beast is amazing. and to think, i bash this car all the time. another contender

more fwd muscle, this time the honda perlude sir. yet another 56.8 car, easily. smooth, but be careful. it has an off-throttle oversteer tendency, with an on throttle understeer. drive it smooth, late apex, and power out to victory

next up was the chevy cobalt, and i knew i was in for some work. this car is a PAIN to drive fast. sometimes it wants to spin, others it refuses to turn. sometimes under braking it will rotate, other times it straigh lines. as a result, a 57.5 lap was the best around suzuka east. not too bad, mid pack, but not in it to win it.

with a 56.7 lap, the mitsubishi FTO is a good runner. very well balanced, not much adjusting needed to keep pace with the front runners....or pass them. good job mitsubishi! one note, the front tires wore double time, may want to watch that during longer races!

the next runner also threw up a 56.7 time... a low 56.7 at that. this being the ford escort. love this car, very smooth, nuetral steer like the other AWDS. i was willing and able to push hard. i think setting the brake bias rearwards, front camor negative a bit more and a stiffer rear sway will bring this car into the 55s. or at least lower 56s. great car, fast car, i can see one winning the championship easy.

the '94 celica has great potential. running a 57.1 lap it is a contender, but needs some work. a little hard to drive, but gets a HUGE run out of turn one on suzuka. high speed cornering is this cars job, and it does it well. watch out for these beasts on track

the 2g TSI is one of the top runners too. 56.9 on and off lap aint bad. i can see how i had a run for my money here, last night. this really is a fast car, and if the real life comparison works true, the 2g GSX should be even quicker. this truely is a fearsom duo!

running a 57 flat, the purple volvo is lagging behind on this track, but steady as always. nuetral steer, and a solid feel. has room for improvment, but can be raced on pace for hours on end

not to be outdone is the nissan skyline gtr r32. some hard pushing, late braking...and a few bursts of tire smoke lead to a blistering 56.3 second lap time, answering the challenge and turning aside all doubts: the r32 DOES have a natural advantage. what we are yet to see is if this leads to championship sucess. is it too good to be true?

only confirming my previous suspicions, the 2g GSX was ONE FIRE. showcasing why mitsubishi is know for its track based AWD systems, this lil gem set the second and only 56.3 secon lap time, this car comes ready for a fire fght. bring out your big guns folks, the AWDs are hitting and hitting hard.

thats it for tonigh, tomorrow i start tuning, and will have more data....and surprises!

i have built most of the rest of the grid, so those review/rate/times will be added below:

first is the hyundai tuscani. i really dislike this car, does not suit my taste. usually had push understeer, with occasional oversteer mixed in. feels like it wants to go alot faster then it is capable of. my best was a 58.0 on suzuka east. quick, ill give it that!

keeping with hyundai is the '10 genesis. this car has a natural advantage, being 245(?) stock rear tires! that said, within regs, it had the lowest PI at 519( think i forgot flywheel). good bit quicker at 57.5 second lap best, and with .5 front/.2 rear negative camber added, the car ran a 57 flat. quick car, and LOADS of potential! lil pushy here and there, be sure to turn in BEFORE you tap the brakes on the first curve at suzuka east, or the car wants to straigh line.

next in line were the two lexus', the is300 and sc300. the is300 was up first. plenty of steering, but unstable and quick to loose traction on the cold tires. on the flying laps, i got 57.3 lap times easily. car feels good, one comolaint is its lagging a bit in the straights.

the sc300 was the exact opposite. a light weight boat, the car was slowest in the corner, but its high power cap allowed it to be one of the fastest in the main straight, where it made up all its time. this car favors oversteer, so drivers beware! still, it put up an untuned 57.4 lap time, not bad for a boat!

next up was the saab 9-3. this car was run against my volvo on the Leguna Seca during our one practice night, and faired well, so i decided to give it a shot! the power was good, but i could distinctly feel torque steer. bravo forza, a common FWD occurance that saab was able to tune out, but is only felt on this vehicle in game! smooth and quick, it hit home a 57.2 lap time. not bad.

up next was the acura integra, a personal favorite in FWD. this car had great acceleration, and the power was usable infeild aswell as on the straight. a little bit too much understeer for my liking, but i can tune that out no problem! fastest lap: 56.8. love it!

and quickly in pursuit was the acura rsx. smooth, not very quick but easy to drive. easy enough i turned a 56.7 lap time. SOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEET

next up is a first, the kia forte. never driven this car before! alot of oversteer. had to muscle the car around the track. that said, it was quick. like the sc300, it prefered going in a straight line, and put up a 57.3 lap time

the worst car i have ever driven, anywhere, is the Acr dodge neon. now it faces the suzuka east...

did alright, handling sucked, acceleration was average. like the kia i had to muscle it around the track. somehow pulled off.... a 57.4 affraid for one of my least favorite cars, its with the pack. i swear i will go insane if someone beats me with one...

last was the audi A4. i love this vehicle, as one of my "stock spec" hill climb cars, but that is nearly unlimited upgrades, max width race tires, and no aero besides the hood. this is more limits, and skinny sport tires, race aero. is the FTCC audi going to drive like my hillclimb a4? no! that said, the car feels goooooooood. turning is crisp, accleration is smooth, launch is great compared to my r32. a 56.8 lap time confirms this as a pacy car, but off my hillcimb rigs pace of 52.8 seconds

so thats it for now!

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Re: PSCE tuning-r32-suzuka east(?)

Post  Gel38 on Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:24 am

Hmmm.. a 58 in the Tuscani? I'm gonna have to see what I can do... after all, it's my car for the season... (thought about choosing the Neon actually... but I run it a lot in other racing, never ran the Tuscani)

Ok, update, Hyundai Tiburon (adjusted tune settings) around Suzuka East:
lap 1= 1:02.8xx
lap 2= 0:57.780
lap 3 = 0:57.072 (I'm loving this! Typing as i'm going to 5 laps)
lap 4= 0:57.155
lap 5 = 0:57.548 (had a couple mess ups)

OK! Now off to the SRT4 (stock tune settings) Very Happy(Just because I want to)

lap 1= 1:02.736
lap 2= 0:57.199
lap 3 = 0:56.722
lap 4= 0:56.570
lap 5 = 0:56.449

MAN! That bad boy's QUICK!

Another update... Acura RSX
lap 1 was slow at a 1:03.071
Fastest was lap 4 @ 0:56.596

Pretty close to your numbers

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Re: PSCE tuning-r32-suzuka east(?)

Post  Alex98sc10-PSCE on Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:02 pm

going to be putting a table/chart(list, cant paste my chart in here Suspect ) together (which will include the mustang, to show ranking pos.)

this list will have car, pi, laps 1-5, fastest lap, and average lap. they will be ranked by fastest lap.

ill edit it into this post VIA my computer, so i can put a proper chart together.

just a heads up, times are coming down from previous tests. the genesis put up a fastest lap, untuned test session 2, of 56.3, 7 tenths faster then during my first testing run.
1.tuscani- l1:56.874 l2:56.536 l3:56.298 l4:55.879 l5:56.122 best-55.879
2.rsx- l1:56.093 l2:55.898 l3:56.043 l4:56.172 l5:56.383 best-55.898
3.integra r- l1:56.438 l2:56.200 l3:56.007 l4:56.911 l5:56.073 best-56.007
4.gsx- l1:56.474 l2:56.488 l3:56.154 l4:56.106 l5:56.502 best-56.106
5.tsi- l1:56.290 l2:56.171 l3:56.486 l4:56.427 l5:56.408 best-56.171
6.r32- l1:56.173 l2:56.654 l3:56.233 l4:56.273 l5:56.580 best-56.173
7.forte- l1:57.047 l2:56.272 l3:56.666 l4:56.747 l5:58.485 best-56.272
8.94 celica- l1:56.825 l2:56.922 l3:56.294 l4:56.634 l5:57.197 best-56.294
9.s60r- l1:56.636 l2:56.870 l3:56.457 l4:56.309 l5:56.844 best-56.309
10.92 esctort- l1:57.222 l2:56.810 l3:56.371 l4:56.315 l5:56.412 best-56.315
11.10 genesis- l1:57.047 l2:56.893 l3:56.344 l4:56.743 l5:57.228 best-56.344
12.s15- l1:56.399 l2:56.850 l3:56.914 l4:56.454 l5:56.679 best-56.399 s4- l1:57.438 l2:56.424 l3:56.864 l4:56.315 l5:56.943 best-56.424
14.srt4- l1:56.855 l2:57.560 l3:57.260 l4:56.426 l5:57.221 best-56.426
15.fto- l1:56.492 l2:56.705 l3:56.872 l4:56.622 l5:56.504 best-56.492
16.94 fairlady- l1:56.843 l2:56.563 l3:56.545 l4:56.913 l5:56.870 best-56.545
17.2.5 legacy- l1:56.870 l2:56.582 l3:57.133 l4:56.926 l5:56.968 best-56.582
18.03 fairlady- l1:57.705 l2:57.314 l3:56.929 l4:56.595 l5:56.834 best-56.595
19.prelude sir- l1:56.763 l2:57.257 l3:56.995 l4:56.703 l5:56.828 best-56.703
20.9-3 aero- l1:57.439 l2:57.388 l3:58.405 l4:57.197 l5:56.704 best-56.704
21.03 eclipse- l1:57.294 l2:57.093 l3:57.290 l4:56.748 l5:56.958 best-56.748
22.cobalt ss- l1:57.898 l2:56.911 l3:57.644 l4:56.780 l5:58.350 best-56.780
23.sc300- l1:57.134 l2:57.101 l3:57.031 l4:58.383 l5:56.789 best-56.789
24.240sx- l1:57.152 l2:57.811 l3:57.237 l4:56.844 l5:58.496 best-56.844
25.is300- l1:57.765 l2:57.609 l3:57.313 l4:56.967 l5:56.990 best-56.967
26.92 supra- l1:57.850 l2:57.136 l3:57.187 l4:57.142 l5:57.449 best-57.136
27.s14- l1:75.537 l2:57.271 l3:57.705 l4:57.404 l5:57.479 best-57.271
1.05 mustang- l1:58.675 l2:58.512 l3:58.219 l4:57.336 l5:58.400 best-57.336

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Re: PSCE tuning-r32-suzuka east(?)

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