well the practice tonight was fun, but...

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well the practice tonight was fun, but...

Post  Alex98sc10-PSCE on Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:04 pm

...i must try and pull something scientific out of it. SO i drove one race in the s60, and a least 3 in the r32 gtr.

my notes are as follows:

both cars can be concidered "neutral steer." no oversteer, no understeer.

the volvo has wicked accel, and launch is great. just hold it on the throttle until the flag drops.

the nissan is a little slow on acceleeration, and TERRIBLE launch if you hold the gas down. ~2k rpm an then floor it when the lights go green, it can go well. you will want to change all gear ratios, not final drive but induvidual ratios by a little bit, towards accell. usually this technique fails me, but i dropped a second on suzuka, where we ran one of our test sessions tonight.

the racing so far is very close, until someone makes an error. this brings more tactics into play, do you push and take an early lead, or run steady and concistant until the last few laps/minutes. only time will tell.

oh and after last nights test session, top secret has contacted me with a simple message: represent. the r32 will be rocking plum crazy purple, with as much gold and yellow as i can throw on. hope you like it when ya see it, i hope to keep it where its at for a while!

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Re: well the practice tonight was fun, but...

Post  Gel38 on Sat Oct 05, 2013 4:03 am

lol I need a "Like" Button on here.... too bad

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