Stipulations for Banning

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Stipulations for Banning

Post  Gel38 on Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:28 pm

Table of Contents:

1. American Motors Bio Car Club
3. Cars List
4. Car Restrictions and Paint
5. How Qualifying Works
6. Points System and Rooms
7. Season Rules
8. Registration of Car
9. Stipulations for Banning
10. All Star Race

If you desire to have yourself banned from the FTCC league these are some prime examples of what you can do.

-          Drive backwards on the track
-          Cause intentional wrecks
-          Cheat (exceed the horse power cap, PI cap, glitching [Replays will be saved to monitor glitching])
-          Consistantly cut Corners. (Depending on the extremity of cutting corners points may not be rewarded for that race. One warning will be given, the second offense will result in removal from the league.)
-          Insubordination: this is strictly based on the host

Insubordination is defined as:
-          Being annoying
-          Having loud music playing in the background
-          Getting hosts angry
-          Arguing with other players
-          Yelling and screaming


We’re all here to have fun. There is no sense in having people ruin the fun for us. We (FTCC Creators) Created the league for everyone to come together and make new friends, joke, laugh as well as be competitive. We are putting trust in you, the players, to abide by the rules and act accordingly.

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