See the Forza 1 FTCC Thank you Video: Road Rage

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See the Forza 1 FTCC Thank you Video: Road Rage

Post  Gel38 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:30 pm

This was a Short and Simple Thank you video for FTCC Season 2 from Forza Motorsport One.

The footage was taken from our final *All Star Race* Where we drove VW Jetta's on Rio. Right at the end of the race.... things went...... Awry..... Shocked
The small clip is slightly funny, taking in the scene as a whole. Keep an eye on the very back car, coming toward the screen. (MazdaAspec)

I've had this video for years up on the old AM-Bio Site...And thought i'd share it with everyone.

By the way... the Jetta in the main my Jetta...... Niiiiiiiiiiiice Jetta Very Happy haha yeah right!


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