All Star Race

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All Star Race

Post  Gel38 on Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:22 pm

Table of Contents:

1. American Motors Bio Car Club
3. Cars List
4. Car Restrictions and Paint
5. How Qualifying Works
6. Points System and Rooms
7. Season Rules
8. Registration of Car
9. Stipulations for Banning
10. All Star Race

All Star Race Rules

The All Star Race shall be of only 1 make/model of the a car. Everyone shall build and use this car who is included in the All Star Race.

1. All FTCC Paint Rules apply to the All Star Race.

2. All FTCC Build restrictions apply to the car chosen, yet, built to A600.

3. The choice of the car will come from the FTCC Representatives. Each representative will choose a car and track, represented by a certain number, and the top 16 racers will be brought into a private room, one by one, until one of the numbers is chosen. (Just a bit of fun for the hosts)

4. The Cars Must have a stock engine. (No engine swaps)

5. The Car must have the stock drivetrain. (No drivetrain swaps)

6. There shall be NO window tint on the car.

7. The posted PI (Performance Index) number shall not be exceeded.

8. The Winner of the All Star Race will be gifted a car painted by the American Motors Bio Car Club.

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