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American Motors Bio Car Club

Post  Gel38 on Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:34 pm

Table of Contents:

1. American Motors Bio Car Club
3. Cars List
4. Car Restrictions and Paint
5. How Qualifying Works
6. Points System and Rooms
7. Season Rules
8. Registration of Car
9. Stipulations for Banning
10. All Star Race

American Motors Bio
Club Tag: [AM-B]
Club name: AM-Bio

American Motors Bio is more than a car club on Forza Motorsport. It has been an idea for approximately 12 years. The creator of this ‘idea’ is none other than myself, Gel38. Over the years I have designed exterior views of  4 cars which one day I hope to bring to the real world, and bring back an old form of excitement the American car industry is just now regaining. Mid-size muscle cars, hot hatches, and even Le Mans style cars, and also parts and accessories for other manufacturers, this is the idea behind AM-Bio.

As a car club on Forza, we are dedicated to helping people who are new to Forza get their feet grounded. (So long as they are dedicated, we are dedicated). We don’t aim to be the number one car club, but we do aim to be competitive, make friends, laugh and joke, and have a good time. We are an A class car club most generally, but have no problem racing other classes from time to time. We hope that over the few years the franchise has been around, we have made the ‘Forza Experience’ enjoyable for everyone around us.

Our club motto is :
Don’t let the car drive you. You drive the car.

This simply means, don’t let the car drive you to drive it spiritedly. Why should we just stand by and let fun get away from us in a car that may not have the performance we desire? Instead, punch the throttle and make the car be spirited for wanting you to drive it!

Thus, the American Motors Bio car club presents FTCC to you. I sincerely hope that your experience with us in FTCC is a good one, and that our name as a car club is a reputable one.

Thank you,

Aaron Bartlett


Don’t let the car drive you. You drive the car.

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