Points System and Rooms

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Points System and Rooms

Post  Gel38 on Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:28 pm

Table of Contents:

1. American Motors Bio Car Club
3. Cars List
4. Car Restrictions and Paint
5. How Qualifying Works
6. Points System and Rooms
7. Season Rules
8. Registration of Car
9. Stipulations for Banning
10. All Star Race


There will be 4 rooms hosted for FTCC, titled A room, B room, C room, and D room. Each room reflects a player’s skill level or best lap during Qualifying on a certain track. 'A' room are the most skilled racers on the track and 'D' room are the slowest on the track. From race to race it is possible to move around in the rooms. (I.E. – week 1 you’re in 'A' room, week 2 you’re in 'C' room or 'B' room.) Qualifying determines what room you will be placed in.

                               Points System

                  Points are awarded as follows after each race in each room.

                               1st            24 pts
                               2nd           20 pts
                               3rd            17 pts
                               4th            13 pts
                               5th            11 pts
                               6th            9   pts
                               7th            7   pts
                               8th            5   pts                                

                               Bonus points

A Bonus point will be given to player who runs the fastest lap IN THE RACE among the rooms. (Hosts Keep track of the fastest lap time in your room).

Room Bonus Points

Bonus points are given for each room depending on where you qualify. Room bonus points are added onto your score after qualifying.  If you Qualify but don’t race you will still retain the room bonus points.                            

A Room                 +60 pts
B Room                  +40 pts
C Room                  +20 pts
D Room                  +0   pts

Lag out / Quit out

-     In the event of a Quit Out the player will be awarded zero race points. Crashing and quitting out is really no excuse to leave: the pits are available. If you run out of gas, you may quit out, but you will be awarded zero points. Running out of gasoline is the player’s fault. It’s your responsibility to refuel.

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