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Viper Racing Links

Post  Gel38 on Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:36 pm

Viper Racing
This is a link to a website which offers a FREE download of the full game of Viper Racing.

Viper Racing Add-ons:

Home of the world famous mod for Viper Racing, VRGT. This website has downloads for many high quality cars and tracks, along with a full range of tools for VR.

Frank's Viper Racing Page
This is Frank P. Wolf's Viper Racing page. It contains MANY car downloads, as well as skins for other cars, and other parts.

Val's Viper Racing Add-ons
Quite an extensive site containing lots of cars, tools, and track downloads, among various other things for Viper Racing.

Viper Racing Street Machines
This site has some car downloads, as well as rim designs and various tools for Viper Racing. The website looks old, but the downloads still work.

Jim's Place
This site has various car downloads. This page is very Ad heavy, which is it's downside.

Apex Viper Skins
A website which has skin downloads for the Dodge Viper. Another page which is very Ad heavy.

The Fastlane
Site contains a few Viper skins and a few various other downloads.

Viper Racing Slovakia
This is a Slovakian VR website which contains links to car downloads, some of which no longer exist.

Viper Racing Forums:

Val's VR Forum
This seems to be the only still active Viper Racing Forum.

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