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Viper Racing Links

Post  Gel38 on Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:36 pm

Viper Racing
This is a link to a website which offers a FREE download of the full game of Viper Racing.

Viper Racing Add-ons:

Home of the world famous mod for Viper Racing, VRGT. This website has downloads for many high quality cars and tracks, along with a full range of tools for VR.

Val's Viper Racing Add-ons
Quite an extensive site containing lots of cars, tools, and track downloads, among various other things for Viper Racing.

Max's Viper Racing Add-ons
This site has a few cars available for download. (36 so far)

Jim's Place
This site has various car downloads. This page is very Ad heavy, which is it's downside.

Apex Viper Skins
A website which has skin downloads for the Dodge Viper. Another page which is very Ad heavy.

The Fastlane
Site contains a few Viper skins and a few various other downloads.

Viper Racing Slovakia
This is a Slovakian VR website which contains links to car downloads, some of which no longer exist.

Viper Racing Forums:

Val's VR Forum
This seems to be the only still active Viper Racing Forum.

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